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WORDS On WORDS … By, Ellie Pulikonda

Today’s word:  READING

When you read, you are listening in on someone else’s thoughts.  This is especially true of non-fiction, where the author’s reason for writing is to impart some ‘truth.’  But it is also true of most fiction and especially true of great fiction.  The author’s ultimate aim is to share a belief with you, the reader.
The author presents his own take on ‘truth’ through the unique and clever use of words, and you, the reader, are free to agree or take exception to it.  Still, just presenting that truth, those new slants, some differing ideology, or certain closely held beliefs may be the genius that gives the finished work its influence.  That could lead to the author’s desired outcome of convincing readers of a given position.  At the very least it likely makes them stop and think.

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This is, I believe, the reason we are drawn to books and short stories, works of fiction.  They impart the author’s ‘truth’ in an entertaining way and we derive pleasure in exploring that truth.  Even if, in the end, we do not fully agree with the premise, I suspect it serves to make us ponder and, perhaps, even alter our own closely held ideas, however slightly.

Literature is almost always presented as entertainment and we are free to agree or disagree with any ‘message’ it contains.  But even if we disagree,  the work itself still challenges us to examine our own cherished beliefs and that challenge may result in either altering the belief or in holding to it more tightly.

The choice is always the readers.


~ Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer  ~

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Words On Words



I think I hate technology.  I just get comfortable with the status quo and wham: someone sets about to change it.  They don’t even have the patience to give us the time to finish reading the directions on the current iteration before they’re declaring it obsolete, out of date,  old school, yesterday’s news.  They just push us on to new apps and back to square one.

Now I realize that all these agents of change are decades younger than I am. But I’m convinced they are just youngsters whose brain cells haven’t even had a chance to settle in firmly, let alone coalesce to some kind of seasoned reasoning.

You see, while they were attending nursery school and learning to tie their shoes, we were doing quite well coping with life as we knew it. We adjusted to telephones, then television, and finally portable radios. We were doing all right. Now the applecart has been firmly upset and I feel as if I’m under the rubble.

They’ve suddenly mastered shoe strings and have  taken over everything from that on , making life difficult for those of us who can’t seem to work our way through computers, I-phones, E Tablets, and various other technical gadgets, and we’re not even talking about drones and computers that can build bridges.


When I was young I couldn’t understand how my grandparents could be such old fogies.  I certainly understand that now. Now I long for the days when the latest technology was a phone you could dial the number you wanted on your own.

Until Next Time Writers!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer/Blogger

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Words on Words. I’m Back ~ So Write On Writers!

Words on Words  ~  Today’s word:  Challenge

When I finish writing a book, I question myself. Do I really want to start working on the next plot that I have in mind?  Writing is such hard work. Finding just the right word at any given sentence is nearly impossible. Carrying the thread of the story carefully through each paragraph, page and chapter is so frustrating. Shepherding the process through editing, publishing, and promoting produces so much anxiety and takes way too much time ….  Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to this misery?

I can only speak for myself, of course, but the simple answer is that I can’t stop myself.  The ideas, sentences, even paragraphs just pop into my brain and until I set them down on paper, they will not let me be. When I’m reading someone else’s book, so engrossed in the story line and eager to see how the situation is resolved, suddenly there is a burst of inspiration on the book I’m currently writing and it will not let me go.

Sometimes when I’m talking with someone about a book they’re reading and they say something that triggers a direct zing to the sentence I got hung up on in my own novel, I ignore that at my peril.  Often when I’m watching a beautiful sunset or a particularly enchanting scene, I suddenly am overwhelmed with descriptive phrases that I must write down to be used in a future novel.




Add to that the ever-present idea that maybe this isn’t the great American novel, after all, and maybe not many copies will sell or be read, and maybe I’m only a leaf falling in the forest that makes no  impression anyone. How in the world does anyone ever sit in front of a computer and write?  It makes no sense whatsoever.

So, of course, I’m working on my next book, even as I pass through all this angst.  I sleep, wake, eat, dream, pace, contemplate, write, re-write, delete words, delete phrases and sentences and  paragraphs and even whole chapters,  It will not let me go.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that writing is cheaper than psychiatric appointments, more fulfilling that  banging my head against the wall, easier on my health than binge drinking or eating, and relatively harmless for those around me. I am a writer and nothing, not even frustration, mediocre sales, and a critic panning my work can NOT change that.



And every now and then I get a favorable response to my book.  One reader told me she couldn’t put it down, another that she was moved to tears over the plight of the characters, another that she looked forward to getting back to the story each time.

Just Write on Writers!


Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer

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Words on Words  ~  TODAY’S WORD:  ‘WRITING’

“Writing is a messy business.”

Each page of the handwritten manuscript is blotted with cross-outs, strike-overs, arrows pointing to a bit of re-write, underlines indicating a section that resonates with the author. And more.

I’ve tried composing strictly on the computer but frequently find I’ve deleted something that didn’t seem quite right only to discover that I could have used it further down the page or in the next chapter. If I still had a written copy of the now deleted text, it could easily have been typed into the space appropriate to it. But it didn’t stay in my brain long enough to retrieve it from there.

The next problem is, of course, knowing how much of the early writing truly is worth saving. These words are your own children, after all, and each has a special place in your mind, if not in your heart, so the tendency would be to save every single syllable. Trying to save all the pretty words is fairly unworkable. There are just too many of them, each saying approximately the same thing but with small nuances and minor corrections.



It is not unusual, I believe, for an author to re-write any given paragraph eight or ten times, much of the time reworking the piece directly on the computer by deleting the unwanted material in favor of the newer edition. In this case, the earlier copy almost certainly has been erased in favor of what has just been written. And by the time you realize that some of it could have been incorporated into the new bit very compatible, you can’t remember what it was, exactly.

So, the answer, I’m thinking is having more than one computer and switching back and forth between them, incorporating any great bits as you move from one to the other. Very cumbersome, to be sure, but breathless bits of prose are worth the effort. So, one problem figuratively solved.

Next, comes the bigger problem: How to recognize those ‘breathless bits of prose’ as actually worth saving. Hard to separate vanity over one’s own words from the reality that perhaps they really should have been deleted permanently. Writers are not often the best critics where their own words are in the balance. So, what to do?



Oh, wait a minute! Isn’t that what beta reader and editors are for?
Problem solved!

KEEP WRITING AUTHORS!  ~ Ellie Pulikonda, Author

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New Words on Words by Ellie . . .


Today’s words: Success and Failure

As an elementary school student (and if truth be told, as a high school student) I measured myself by my successes and failures. I loved the ‘soft’ subjects: reading, writing, and later English, social studies, and history. I aced them. The so-called ‘solid’ subjects were my downfall. I failed chemistry, twice, in high school, barely made it through algebra (math was always a struggle) and would have had to repeat geometry except the class was full. One presumes it was full of students who could actually understand it.

I am just now coming to the realization that ‘success’ and ‘failure’ are not absolutes and certainly that any one person is either/or. One is not either a success or a failure. There is an enormous amount of middle ground between those two opposites that we need to lay claim to. As an author, you can appreciate that your book is a success even if it does not meet with overwhelming acclaim. It’s not likely that my work will ever be on the New York Times bestseller list, and even less likely that it will be a Pulitzer Prize winner.

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At the same time, I have stories to tell, stories that I hope will entertain and enlighten those who pick up my books and read them. The whole process of taking a book through the writing, editing, and publishing process is a new kind of learning experience and one that is frustrating, difficult, painstaking, and exhilarating.

And I am grateful for the readers that I do have, those who ask me “When is your next book coming out?” And especially those who say they can’t wait to read it.

So my audience may be small, my fame may be non-existent, my income from writing may be minuscule, but my gratification is enormous. And so I’ll keep on keeping on. And I encourage every ‘would-be’ writer out there to do the same. Success and failure are, after all, just words.

Until Next Time Writers!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer


A Special Weekend WORDS on WORDS

Ellie Pulikonda


“I write for the pure joy of writing” . . .
Words onWords

Today’s Word: WORDS

Words are the most powerful tool mankind has ever invented, more powerful than any other single invention. Words have enabled us to create civilization as we know it, to discover and name new experiences, and to share their merit and usefulness with others. And words have given us the ability to direct our lives toward our own goals.

Nowhere is this more evident than in writing and publishing our words for others to read. Being a novelist is exciting and rewarding, enabling me to share my thoughts and discoveries about the human condition with others. After all, being an author is simply choosing, writing, and publishing words that communicate to others what the authors has found to be true in her own experience.



So it is with the novel I’m currently writing, which carries the brief title of “Willa.”
Willa was not a name to be worn lightly. The question that informs her story is: did the name (the word) create the person or was the naming a kind of foresight of the person that she was born to be.

Notice that I did not say “the generous woman she was”. She gave grudgingly to those who found her favor but not many who walked with her through some part of her life gained even that slight reward. Nor did I say she was a beloved woman or one who loved well. She had her favorites, oh, yes she did, and they warmed themselves, sometimes briefly, in her regard for them. But there were also those who served her wearily with no real expectation of any kind word or warm regard, although surely they hoped that at some time they would be rewarded for their steadfast service.



She was, nonetheless, a remarkable woman, her coming of age occurring during the heady days of the suffragist movement. Determined to live on her own terms when most women didn’t dare dream of such freedom, she seems to have ignored the proposition that others should have shared equally in that privilege. It was a life she claimed only for herself.

“Willa” is the tale of this remarkable woman’s journey through life. It raises more questions than it answers but questions have a way of changing our understanding even as, or because, they provoke us.

More on the novel as it progresses.

Author/Writer,  Ellie Pulikonda ~ New Novel now released on Amazon!

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Words on Words~Writer Ellie Pulikonda


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Today’s word: Blogging

I feel very inept at blogging. It seems to me it’s a little like standing on a corner on a soapbox, proclaiming my views to indifferent passers-by. Although I’ve always been inclined to ‘climb on soapboxes’ in conversations where there is give and take, I find it much more intimidating to do when I’m up there on that box throwing out words. And never knowing where they land.

The conventional wisdom is that if you’re going to be a writer (or even if you’re just trying to be a writer – big difference, there) you need to keep in touch with your potential readers. The current best way to do that seems to be by blogging. And so I blog. I get it that my publicist would like me to blog more frequently and more regularly and I do try to do that.



But I always feel that it’s a little like the old question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If a blog is posted and no reads it, does it matter? Actually, I know I have a few readers: family members, good friends (at least I think they’re still good friends), some folks who have read my two books, Split Second and Finding Faith. And occasionally I hear back from some of them; it’s always a highlight of my day when that happens. Makes me feel a little less like I’m standing on a soapbox on a deserted corner.

But I’m hard at work on my third novel, Willa, and so I’ll continue to blog even though I’m unsure if the words cause even the slightest ripple in the ether waves. It is, if nothing else, a good exercise in putting down one word after another. Which is what writing is all about.

Cheers to Blogging!

Ellie Pulikonda, Writer, Author, and Blogger

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