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WORDS On WORDS … By, Ellie Pulikonda

Today’s word:  READING

When you read, you are listening in on someone else’s thoughts.  This is especially true of non-fiction, where the author’s reason for writing is to impart some ‘truth.’  But it is also true of most fiction and especially true of great fiction.  The author’s ultimate aim is to share a belief with you, the reader.
The author presents his own take on ‘truth’ through the unique and clever use of words, and you, the reader, are free to agree or take exception to it.  Still, just presenting that truth, those new slants, some differing ideology, or certain closely held beliefs may be the genius that gives the finished work its influence.  That could lead to the author’s desired outcome of convincing readers of a given position.  At the very least it likely makes them stop and think.

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This is, I believe, the reason we are drawn to books and short stories, works of fiction.  They impart the author’s ‘truth’ in an entertaining way and we derive pleasure in exploring that truth.  Even if, in the end, we do not fully agree with the premise, I suspect it serves to make us ponder and, perhaps, even alter our own closely held ideas, however slightly.

Literature is almost always presented as entertainment and we are free to agree or disagree with any ‘message’ it contains.  But even if we disagree,  the work itself still challenges us to examine our own cherished beliefs and that challenge may result in either altering the belief or in holding to it more tightly.

The choice is always the readers.


~ Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer  ~

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Words on Words by Writer Ellie Pulikonda




Retirement is something we look forward to for almost all of our working years.  Yet when the time comes, some of us are reluctant to give up what has filled most of our waking hours for much of our adult lives. So it was for me.

I had the most wonderful career in the whole world; I was a librarian.   During the latter years of my career, I was the director of a medium-sized library in central Indiana.  It was my dream job. I had fallen in love with libraries as a small child, when on my first visit to my home town’s small library, I was amazed that all those books were there for anybody who wanted to read them. I vowed to read every single book that was there.  I never accomplished that goal, of course, but even the attempt gave me an appreciation for the wonders and joy libraries provide.

Retirement, for me, was bitter-sweet.  More time to read all those books I had made lists of over the years but less time in the environment that I loved.



In our small town here in Southern Oregon, we have an amazingly good public library.  To add to that advantage, several homes have ‘tiny libraries’ at the edge of their lawns.  Once again I have fallen in love with libraries—tiny ones.  And thanks to the local Rotary Club, I am soon to have my own tiny library in my own front yard.

I’ll put in the books I have been saving to give away, books I’ve enjoyed and want to share, and allow children and adults to help themselves to anything that looks interesting.  These books may be returned but there’s no obligation to do so. And if anyone has books at home that they want to share, they’re welcome to bring them to my tiny library.



No check out. No overdue notices. No library fines. No obligation. Just a way to encourage reading and the love of good books.

So! Once again I will be the director of a library: my very own dream-come-true tiny library.  Retirement? Who needs it right?

Until Next Time Writer’s and Friends!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author & Writer of “Split Second”




Words On Words ~ Post #11

Hello Writers, Authors, Readers and Welcome All,


Words on Words

Every now and then you run across a brand new word that is just so apt, you wonder why you’ve never heard of it before. Just recently I found a new word that made me stop and pay attention.

The word is “bibliogony” and it refers to the art of producing or publishing books. So, as a new author, I’m thinking about how I can use this new word to impress my new friends and old colleagues. Picture it: at a cocktail party you are approached by someone you don’t know who asks you the premier get-acquainted question:  “And what do you do?” The oh-so-impressive answer is “I’m in bibliogony!”
At this point I suspect the other person would murmur something like ‘interesting’ and immediately take himself off to start a conversation with someone he understood.   So the spiffy new word seemed to lose some of its spiffiness.



However, I couldn’t just drop it. I had found it after a particularly dry spell of trying to write and coming up with nothing. So I played with the new word for a while and it morphed into another new word: bibliagony. My definition for this was the agony of trying to write when all the good words have been used and there are no fresh ones to make your writing sound impressive.

Writing was such fun until bibliagony set in.  So my goal now is to find a cure for it.  If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on.  I’m in great need of spiffy new words.

What Is Bibliogony?
noun: The art of producing and publishing books.
“Simple Enough”


Author, Ellie Pulikonda
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