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WORDS ON WORDS ~By Author, Ellie Pulikonda


A magazine recently had on its cover “Say yes to saying no.    It’s a clever way to make you think about how often we say “yes” when our gut is shouting at us to say “no.”

Why is it so hard to say no?  “Oh, would you be a dear and chair the next meeting?”  Everything in you is shouting “no” but some twist of our thinking has us saying “oh, sure, I’d be glad to do that.


Is it because we really do want to be considered a dear or a lifesaver or a go-to person that someone can use that to flip our switch?  Think about it.  By hooking the “Be a dear” up with the request, your refusal amounts so announcing to that person that you are not “dear.”

There have been campaigns in recent years to embed in our minds the phrase “Just say no” to problems like drugs and alcohol abuse. Most of us have no trouble saying no to such things but still cave in when asked to be on a board or chair a committee even when we feel it’s not a good fit for us.




And sometimes when we dare to say ‘no’, we are met with latent hostility that shakes our sense of self-worth. Cajoling, pleading, harassing, anger, and many other reactions to our ‘no’ are quite simply another form of manipulating us into saying yes.

It takes determination to over-rule the guilt trip and just say no, but unless we do say it and make it stick, we become easy targets to future requests.  Then we can be eased into situations that take up more time than we care to spend and bring us no return, not even the thought that we did the right thing. Things that we agree to under stress often bring us only frustration and anger.




So prepare for the next time. Practice saying “no” without adding an apology, any excuse or even an explanation.

“Learn to say yes to saying no.”

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer



Words On Words



I think I hate technology.  I just get comfortable with the status quo and wham: someone sets about to change it.  They don’t even have the patience to give us the time to finish reading the directions on the current iteration before they’re declaring it obsolete, out of date,  old school, yesterday’s news.  They just push us on to new apps and back to square one.

Now I realize that all these agents of change are decades younger than I am. But I’m convinced they are just youngsters whose brain cells haven’t even had a chance to settle in firmly, let alone coalesce to some kind of seasoned reasoning.

You see, while they were attending nursery school and learning to tie their shoes, we were doing quite well coping with life as we knew it. We adjusted to telephones, then television, and finally portable radios. We were doing all right. Now the applecart has been firmly upset and I feel as if I’m under the rubble.

They’ve suddenly mastered shoe strings and have  taken over everything from that on , making life difficult for those of us who can’t seem to work our way through computers, I-phones, E Tablets, and various other technical gadgets, and we’re not even talking about drones and computers that can build bridges.


When I was young I couldn’t understand how my grandparents could be such old fogies.  I certainly understand that now. Now I long for the days when the latest technology was a phone you could dial the number you wanted on your own.

Until Next Time Writers!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer/Blogger

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Ellie’s WORDS on WORDS. My Guest Today is Lori Rogers ~ My Daughter.




(Note: This week’s blog was written by my daughter, Lori Rogers, who shares my love of books and reading.)

Books have always been a part of my life. I almost always have at least one book with me everywhere I go and now, thanks to the e-readers, I can take a whole library with me. I may be alone but I never feel lonely when I am reading. I love stories, being caught up within them, wondering if I can guess how they will end or even what happens next, and even rewriting my favorite parts in my head to see if that changes the experience.

If I am somewhere that I can’t read (for safety or PC reasons) I ‘write’ my own stories or revisit in memory books I’ve already read. Books make up some of my earliest and longest friendships. I don’t mind reading a favorite book two, three, or even four times. Perhaps the friendship is actually with the author; I eagerly jump into a new book by a favorite author.

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The book is new but the author’s thoughts and take on life are familiar. Like my mother’s new book titled; Finding Faith”  In this sense reading is actually sharing someone else’s thoughts and ideas, traveling with them to a new dimension and a deeper friendship. I don’t mind traveling back from that dimension because I can always slip back into it just by picking up the book again. Really!

Now excuse me, I hear her book calling ME.

Thanks All!  ~ Lori Rogers

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About Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer

Author, Ellie Pulikonda’s shocking debut novel, “Split Second” had readers and Amazon reviewers asking for more novels by this prolific writer of psychological thriller mystery. She listened and has now released her second novel titled; “Finding Faith.”

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ellie attended several colleges after high school to obtain her BA in Education, MA in Library Science, and her MS in Adult Education. She is or has been a daughter, wife, mother, widow, partner, single mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

She has worked various jobs and in different fields such as a law office, a librarian, newspaper article writing, a welfare office, and finally as the director of a public library in Tipton, IN.

“I write for the pure joy of writing” 

Words on Words~Writer Ellie Pulikonda


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Today’s word: Blogging

I feel very inept at blogging. It seems to me it’s a little like standing on a corner on a soapbox, proclaiming my views to indifferent passers-by. Although I’ve always been inclined to ‘climb on soapboxes’ in conversations where there is give and take, I find it much more intimidating to do when I’m up there on that box throwing out words. And never knowing where they land.

The conventional wisdom is that if you’re going to be a writer (or even if you’re just trying to be a writer – big difference, there) you need to keep in touch with your potential readers. The current best way to do that seems to be by blogging. And so I blog. I get it that my publicist would like me to blog more frequently and more regularly and I do try to do that.



But I always feel that it’s a little like the old question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If a blog is posted and no reads it, does it matter? Actually, I know I have a few readers: family members, good friends (at least I think they’re still good friends), some folks who have read my two books, Split Second and Finding Faith. And occasionally I hear back from some of them; it’s always a highlight of my day when that happens. Makes me feel a little less like I’m standing on a soapbox on a deserted corner.

But I’m hard at work on my third novel, Willa, and so I’ll continue to blog even though I’m unsure if the words cause even the slightest ripple in the ether waves. It is, if nothing else, a good exercise in putting down one word after another. Which is what writing is all about.

Cheers to Blogging!

Ellie Pulikonda, Writer, Author, and Blogger

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