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I think I hate technology.  I just get comfortable with the status quo and wham: someone sets about to change it.  They don’t even have the patience to give us the time to finish reading the directions on the current iteration before they’re declaring it obsolete, out of date,  old school, yesterday’s news.  They just push us on to new apps and back to square one.

Now I realize that all these agents of change are decades younger than I am. But I’m convinced they are just youngsters whose brain cells haven’t even had a chance to settle in firmly, let alone coalesce to some kind of seasoned reasoning.

You see, while they were attending nursery school and learning to tie their shoes, we were doing quite well coping with life as we knew it. We adjusted to telephones, then television, and finally portable radios. We were doing all right. Now the applecart has been firmly upset and I feel as if I’m under the rubble.

They’ve suddenly mastered shoe strings and have  taken over everything from that on , making life difficult for those of us who can’t seem to work our way through computers, I-phones, E Tablets, and various other technical gadgets, and we’re not even talking about drones and computers that can build bridges.


When I was young I couldn’t understand how my grandparents could be such old fogies.  I certainly understand that now. Now I long for the days when the latest technology was a phone you could dial the number you wanted on your own.

Until Next Time Writers!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer/Blogger

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