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Today’s word: Blogging

I feel very inept at blogging. It seems to me it’s a little like standing on a corner on a soapbox, proclaiming my views to indifferent passers-by. Although I’ve always been inclined to ‘climb on soapboxes’ in conversations where there is give and take, I find it much more intimidating to do when I’m up there on that box throwing out words. And never knowing where they land.

The conventional wisdom is that if you’re going to be a writer (or even if you’re just trying to be a writer – big difference, there) you need to keep in touch with your potential readers. The current best way to do that seems to be by blogging. And so I blog. I get it that my publicist would like me to blog more frequently and more regularly and I do try to do that.



But I always feel that it’s a little like the old question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If a blog is posted and no reads it, does it matter? Actually, I know I have a few readers: family members, good friends (at least I think they’re still good friends), some folks who have read my two books, Split Second and Finding Faith. And occasionally I hear back from some of them; it’s always a highlight of my day when that happens. Makes me feel a little less like I’m standing on a soapbox on a deserted corner.

But I’m hard at work on my third novel, Willa, and so I’ll continue to blog even though I’m unsure if the words cause even the slightest ripple in the ether waves. It is, if nothing else, a good exercise in putting down one word after another. Which is what writing is all about.

Cheers to Blogging!

Ellie Pulikonda, Writer, Author, and Blogger

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