Awesome Author Interview With Writer Ellie Pulikonda and Her New Book: ‘Finding Faith’

Hello Writers and Friends,
Had to share this one since it IS about me! Lol. I just love Catherine’s blog.
And she really knows her business of Book Promotions!
Enjoy Reading! Then go get a copy of my new release 🙂

Ellie Pulikonda

"Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den"

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Three women, each caught in circumstances which limit her freedom to be, to act, to live as she chooses. Each reaches out tentatively, only to fall back in anger and fear. Despair is their constant companion.

Helping each other may be the only hope for each of them but their tentative bond is threatened by their fear. Trust is an elusive and alien concept to each. Moments, when they are in accord are rare but they do happen, perhaps giving them a glimmer of the hope and the will they need, to keep trying.

Join Mae, Mira, and Carla as they navigate the tricky path of Finding Faith …

An Author Guest Interview by Awesomegang of Ellie Pulikonda.



Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written?

I am a retired librarian indulging my long-held dream of writing novels. I live in beautiful…

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