The definition of ‘craft’ is to make something by hand. Usage, however, broadens that definition to include most anything that is made through careful application of one’s skill. So it is that the word ‘craft’ is often applied to the writing of a book. Novels, manuals, biographies and self-help books are ‘crafted’ by writers of varying skills to entertain and teach readers about something that is true in life.

Last week I wrote about perfection. We are a people who believe the ideal is to be perfect and anything short of that is criticized, at best, and scorned, at worst. So it is that new authors are sometimes dismissed by critics because their works aren’t ‘perfect’. Or aren’t as good as the established authors’ efforts. The persistent writer will work through that criticism and continue perfecting their craft. Stephen King wrote that he had a nail in the wall where he hung all the rejection letters as they were received.. But he continued to write.





Not everyone is as hardy as Mr. King. Some would-be authors are so discouraged by the scornful rejection of their early works that they give up. Who knows how many potentially good, possibly even great, works are lost to us because the author didn’t have the courage to keep writing even though the work in hand was not yet up to the standard.

So, I would encourage any of my readers who are working on their writing skills to persevere. It’s through continuing to write that we perfect our craft. This is truly a ‘learn by doing’ effort. There are many excellent avenues of help to the would-be author; by all means take advantage of those that you can. But all the classes in the world won’t make you a better writer. The process of writing itself, using all the lessons learned, is the best method for honing your skills and perfecting your craft.


Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer
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Three women, each caught in circumstances which limit her freedom to be, to act, to live as she chooses. Each reaches out tentatively, only to fall back in anger and fear. Despair is their constant companion. Helping each other may be the only hope for each of them but their tentative bond is threatened by their fear. Trust is an elusive and alien concept to each. Moments when they are in accord are rare but they do happen, perhaps giving them a glimmer of the hope and the will they need, to keep trying. Join Mae, Mira, and Carla as they navigate the tricky path of finding faith .   .   .  .


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