Words on Words~New By Ellie Pulikonda


Faith! Such a tiny little word to carry so much meaning. I suspect that like so many of our words, the meaning changes with each individual holding the thought. Faith can mean belief in a higher power. It can mean fidelity to our promises. It can mean a firm belief in something for which there is no proof, or confidence in something or someone. “Keeping the faith” may mean hanging in there when it seems that all is lost. Or being loyal to someone even though we have reason to doubt their actions.

Having faith in yourself is perhaps the most difficult thing of all. Life throws situations at us that we don’t believe we can overcome. We are amazed by stories in the news of someone who has overcome stupendous odds to achieve a goal, but we tend to see that as the exception, to see them as somehow superhuman.



Since living conditions for us humans are probably as perilous as we’ve ever known them, we may doubt that life has any good in it at all. It is that doubt that cripples us, fostering attitudes and actions that tend to make things worse.

These are some of the ‘seeds’ that germinated in my book, Finding Faith. When life throws seemingly insurmountable problems at you, how do you maintain faith in yourself, in life, and in this world? How do you pick yourself up and start all over again? What can give you the belief in yourself that you can do more than just survive?


Ellie Pulikonda, Author & Writer




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