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My second novel, Finding Faith, is now with the publisher and will be released soon. It is the story of three women at different stages of life, all struggling to overcome unexpected events that have profoundly changed their lives. They are thrown together by chance and reject each other through fear and anger.

An elderly man, blind from his teen years, becomes a link between the three. He ‘sees’ more than any of them do and tries to help them understand that they can each do better if they join forces instead of pushing the others away but his counsel is rejected by each one of them.

Mae, Mira, and Carla struggle with the idea that family is about so much more than blood relationship. A death, a kidnapping, a divorce, and a legal dilemma all contribute to their rejection of each other and their resistance to accepting help from each other. But these events also become the catalyst for forging a tentative family.



Finding Faith will be available through Amazon both as a paperback and as an e-book. I’ll be sure to announce its release through this blog, as soon as it’s available.
My good friend Catherine Lyon of Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions will also be announcing some fun promotional things to, so keep watching!

Until Next Time Writers and Readers!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author & Writer . . . .




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