WORDS ON WORDS By Writer Ellie Pulikonda.


“Ah, to be in Oregon, now that spring is here” (with full apologies to Robert Browning for borrowing a bit of his poetry.)


(Water Front Park Portland, OR)

Winter has been kind to southern Oregon this year; only a couple of light snowfalls, much rain which has been sorely needed here, and mild temperatures throughout. Still, I’m grateful for spring with its new growth, its sunny days, and its warmth. Signs of spring are all around me. I saw violets blooming in a field yesterday, I have green shoots on the day lilies in my own yard, and leaves are springing (you should pardon the pun) forth on trees that have been bare all winter.

Walking has become my exercise of choice over the winter and as I walk around my neighborhood, I see new growth in almost every yard. Folks are out cleaning up the last of the autumn leaves that escaped their rakes earlier as well as the twigs and small branches that winter brought down into their yards. Spring fever seems to be the ailment du jour.



The Rogue River is in full spate. Earlier there were flood alerts but little cause for alarm. The Rogue is a lovely river, whatever the season, and it’s nice to see it flowing so fully. Our last two summers have been quite dry; all this water is a perfect ending to our nagging worry about drought.

Contrasted to our lovely spring, my daughter, who lives in the Midwest, is braving snowstorms and icy roads to get to work each morning. She very thoughtfully texts me to let me know that she made it safely one more time. Were I still there, I would be facing the same commute conditions. So I add retirement to my list of things to be grateful for.

Wherever you live, I hope spring is making its presence known to you, validating our faith that winter comes to pass; it doesn’t come to stay. Happy Spring, everyone.


Until Next Time Writer’s!
Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer





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