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There seems to be a growing undertone in our country, more prominent than ever, that somehow government, by its very existence, is at best a necessary evil. This may stem from the give and take of a democracy; your favorite candidates do not always win and somehow, by definition, any candidate who does not share ‘my vision’ of government is the worst possible outcome for our country.

Election rhetoric grows more and more disingenuous as candidates strive to hit the right note with the largest number of voters. Ignoring the maxim that you can’t be all things to all people they seem to try to do just that. In the good old days, the promise was “a chicken in every pot”. Today, it seems to be that government will somehow be tailor-made to fit every single voter’s list of wants, no matter how contradictory the lists are.

We, as voters, seem to accept that our candidate can do just that. The only candidate I know of who might possibly be able to pull that off is Santa Claus and he’s steering clear of this whole mess.



The reality is that it can be hard, maybe impossible, to check up on any given candidate so we resort to listening to what the candidates have to say about each other. Weighing one against another is one way of trying to validate the truth. But it strikes me as a not very reliable method of confirming truth. Any number of half-truths, outright lies, convoluted reasonings have come out in this arena, where winning at any cost is the only desirable outcome. And while opposing candidates are quick to pounce on these vulnerable promises, we have no way of proving that their words are any more reliable.

We need to sort this mess out as best we can and vote very carefully. The government we vote into office is the one we’ll have to live with for at least four years so let’s be sure that we know as much truth about what is being offered as we possibly can. Vote with your brain, not your gut. But by all means, VOTE!

Until Next Time Readers and Writer’s,
Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer





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