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Welcome Readers and Writers ~ Happy New Year!



My first book, Split Second, is about relationships and the baggage we each bring to them. It also has a mystery component which I used to show how that baggage can impact relationship in a very negative way. I didn’t think of the book as a “Mystery” per se but so many of my readers do. And I often hear that it made the book a ‘page turner’ for them. So that’s good.


Mystery ~ Split Second on Amazon

But in a broader sense, all of life is a mystery. Remember back to when you were a child and not yet used to life. At that age everything seemed to be a mystery to me and I seemed to be the only one who couldn’t figure it out. When my parents spelled out words so I wouldn’t over hear something they thought I was too young to know, I thought words themselves were mysteries. Growing up, I was baffled by all that I didn’t know even though I had been reading and learning as fast as I could.

At one point I set myself the goal to read every book in my small town library, certain that then I when I knew every word in that many books, I would finally understand every thing. Of course, I never did read every book in the library but I did read a good many of them.



Yet here I am, decades later, knowing more words than I ever imagined existed and I still don’t know ‘every thing.’ But something I have figured out over these intervening year is that ‘every thing’ is a mystery and that every book is a ‘mystery’ in the sense that it presents another opportunity to learn a little bit more about this life, to solve a little bit of the mystery that is life. Each book I read contributes that little bit more to my understanding, that’s true. But each book also presents me with a new ‘mystery’ . Far from frustrating me, it encourages me to keep reading. And writing.

So I guess my readers are right. Split Second is, indeed, a mystery.

Until next time friends,
Ellie Pulikonda, Writer and Author of  “Split Second” a Mystery . . .




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