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This Week’s Word: TRUTH



Truth: the quality of being in accord with facts, experience, or reality. How can such a straightforward word have evolved into such an elusive quality that defies definition? ‘Truth’ is bandied about with no reference to reality or facts. Truth so often becomes ‘what I believe’ and ‘what I want it to be.’

How do we maneuver in a world where truth is so relative? The ‘truth’ is we don’t manage very well. If I can’t rely on the veracity of what I hear from someone, anyone else, how can I possibly make good interpersonal decisions, build faithful relationships, make smart choices?

The situation is growing more important to me as I listen to folks running for political office. Some of the most outrageous claims are made with an absolutely straight face and no apology. I’m reminded of being on a trip once with someone who had little regard for the truth. I had fallen asleep and when I woke up the sun was shining in the windshield. I asked where we were and was told we were ‘west’ of the next town. I argued that if we were going east at that time of day, the sun would be behind us, so certainly we were going west, driving into the sunset. No amount of logic could convince the driver that he was wrong. He even asserted that the planet must be revolving backwards because we were most assuredly traveling east.

I remember that little story because I sometimes feel the same way when I listen to someone tell me that what I know is completely wrong. But the more someone challenges their statement, the louder they repeat their ‘truth’. And assert that their ‘laws of nature’ are more relevant than those of anyone else. It’s as if they believe if they say it long enough and loud enough and often enough, it will be true.


Diogenes was said to have searched for an honest man with a lamp held high. I could find no indication that he ever found one. I’ve got to get myself a brighter lamp!

Until Next Time Friends!  ~ Ellie Pulikonda Writer/Author


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