A New WORDS on WORDS . . .

Hello Readers and Writers,

We have a new Words on Words today for your reading enjoyment. I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to all my new followers and visitors who have come to visit and look around on my blog since its conception. A friend of mine who helps me promote my book twisted my arm to even have a blog! But I have enjoyed sharing a little writers secrets here and there with all of you. I appreciate you coming by . . . HAPPY READING!   ~*Ellie*


Today’s Word: REVISE  . . .

Writing is fun. You get to sit in front of your computer and let your imagination lead you down paths you didn’t know existed. You can posit any situation that occurs to you and then sit in wonder in front of your latest creation. Did I do that? Wow, what a great story.

But as soon as you type “The End”, the word ‘revise’ pops into your head, spoiling your moment of euphoria. What is there to revise? The story just flowed from your fingertips onto the screen and each word was so perfect, so exact, so apt as you wrote it down. How do you improve on that?

And then the ugly side of writing overwhelms you. Each pearl of a word has to be examined, scrutinized, turned this way and that, and sadly, sometimes be erased. It feels like abandonment of your muse, your talent, your creativity. Which one of my ‘word children’ do I delete? Because delete you must in order to make the story flow, to make it more interesting, to make it a book.

And you, the author of this masterpiece, are the only one who can do justice to this work of fiction that has sprung from your brain. This is perfectly appropriate, since no one else could possibly have the insight to work on your manuscript nor could they have the talent to ‘fix’ it in an appropriate way. It’s your creation and you must be the one to make the precise deletions, insertions, and corrections to make it a joy to read.

This is the sermon I have been preaching to my congregation of one: myself. Because. I am in the middle of revising my newest book. And it is painful. It is disheartening. It is endless. At times what looked perfect to me a few days ago now looks hopelessly pathetic. And how do I fix ‘pathetic’?

Oh, wait, I just figured out how to fix that scene. Okay, one down. And endless others to go. But maybe I can do this.

Until Next Time Friends!

Ellie Pulikonda, Writer/Author of “Split Second” A Psychological Thriller

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