WORDS on WORDS ~ Florence, Oregon Festival Of Books!

Florence, Oregon

“Literary fest brings books to Florence ~ I was an author on hand at The Festival of Books in Florence, Oregon!”


Words on Words.

Todays Word? LEARN.

As in, you’re never too old to learn. The two-day Florence Festival of Books was truly a learning experience and a surprisingly enjoyable one.

Unless you’ve been there you might think that it’s mostly an event to bring in readers and sell more books and it is that. But it’s so much more. Let me tell you how much more.

Our first event was a panel presentation by small publishers who shared with us tips on being published without fear or regret. The discussion also hit on getting publicity, on sources of specific help for unfamiliar processes, on using social media, and on being your own book rep. They touched on copyright, pen names, editing, and the importance of a good, no, great title.


The evening speaker was Jan Kirkpatrick, the award-winning author of fourteen historical novels and an inspiration to everyone there. She spoke about the process and responsibility of writing and gave us the four C’s of good writing, explaining that ‘perfect’ means complete, not ideal.

Saturday was author meets public day, with nearly seventy booths for folks to choose from. Even that was a learning experience for me. Authors are, by and large, a giving group, willing to share tips, what has worked for them, and practical advice that I found very useful and profitable during the day.

If you’re an author, check out the book fairs available in your area and go! It is a fun, rewarding and even profitable time. You will learn much and meet folks who may just turn out to become big fans of your writing!

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer

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