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Todays Word of The Day: Magic

As if it were an American Brigadoon, every year the small town of Florence, Oregon, ‘comes alive’ with the “Florence Festival of Books at the Florence Events Center in Florence, Oregon.” In a true festival atmosphere, it brings authors, publishers, editors, and book lovers together for one day, all celebrating the magic of books and reading.

On Festival eve, September 25 this year, a noted author begins the celebration with a presentation on his or her books and Fair goers can meet and talk with the author and other ‘book’ people at a reception in the Center.

The Festival proper is on Saturday, Sept. 26, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Center is a spacious facility featuring a large area filled with booths of authors, publishers, editors, and book lovers. And books. A light food service is available and brief author talks are given throughout the day.   Authors, book lovers, publishers, and readers meet and mingle, sharing thoughts, tips, advice, and information.

It’s sure to brighten your day, whatever the weather outside, and you may find a new favorite author.   So come on down and get in on the magic. And be sure to stop by my booth and say “hello.”
Here are the details if you will be in the area.  I’d love to meet you!

Writer and Author, Ellie Pulikonda
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Florence Festival of Books

City of Florence Oregon Official Website

The 4th Annual Florence Festival of Books is a book fair for both authors and publishers. It opens Saturday, September 27, at 10 a.m. and continues until 4 p.m. Admission is free.

At a book fair individual authors offer their books for sale. And since the Florence event also includes publishers, each publisher will show the books they have published and try to sign up new authors.

The biggest winners are the people who attend—anyone who loves books and reading. Upon entering, all attendees will receive a tote bag to carry their book purchases. Browse among 50-plus authors as well as several publishers. What a treat to look at book after book of all different genres, actually meet the person who wrote each book, talk to them, buy a book, and have the author sign it on the spot. Some of these authors will be first timers and others will have numerous books for sale.

Anyone who has a book to publish, this is your big chance! It’s a great opportunity to check out more than one publisher.

Authors and publishers who wish to participate in this year’s event may download an application by going to the FEC website, http://www.eventcenter.org. The deadline for submitting applications is September 5, 2014, unless the limit of 60 tables is reached before that date.

For more information, contact the Florence Events Center at 541-997-1994 or toll-free at 888-968-4086, Monday through Friday .. .. ..



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