Another Presentation of WORDS on WORDS

TODAYS word of the day? ADDICTION


Recently, I finished reading a book by Catherine Townsend-Lyon, “Addicted to Dimes.” It is a raw, gritty, “tell it like it is” book; not ‘pretty,’ not extremely polished, but an honest first-person account of picking yourself up and starting over. It shows the stuff she’s made of and how much she has “grown” from that formerly dependent person.

It made me think, which I’m pretty sure, is exactly what Cat wanted her book to do. Addictions come in all sizes and shapes, pretty much tailor-made by the addicted person.  Life isn’t always what we think it’s supposed to be; we’re not always in control of ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. Life tends to knock us down but then we tend to keep ourselves down. So many times I’ve said and done things I’ve regretted afterward because of something that was said or done to me.  Because I was addicted to ‘getting even’ or ‘making them pay.’

Certainly, my situation was not as spectacular as hers but it was just as devastating to my spiritual growth. When I allowed myself to wallow in the anger, I was aiding and abetting the very people who were putting me down. Eventually, this leads to just giving up altogether. But when I could reach the place where I forgave myself, I found true growth. Wallowing in my failure is a stopping point; forgiving myself is a stepping point. Forgiveness becomes a step to greater compassion for myself which then spills over onto others who struggle. And it’s a step to a better life.

Since I’ve started working with Cat ( she book is my Book Promoter at Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions ) and especially since I read her book, “Addicted to Dimes,” it is easy to see that she has forgiven herself and is using her life history to encourage others who struggle with addiction, stepping out to reach them and stepping up to help them. . . .

Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer

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