Time For Another “Words on Words” by Writer Ellie Pulikonda.

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Now Today’s Word? Adage  . . .


That’s a little used word today but it pretty much means ‘old wisdom.’ Take, for example, the invitation to ‘sit a spell’. The old folks knew that it was a good idea to just sit and rest sometimes, let our conversation wander or ruminate about things in general. It meant to give yourself permission to rest your mind while you rested your body and let your thoughts roam wherever they wanted to go.

Today, hardly anybody but the really ancient (read that ‘outdated’) old folks spend any time just sitting a spell and talking a bit. Most of us now have electronic devices to fill up those moments when we might have relaxed a while.   Instead, we chose to ‘nudge’ someone else’s electronic device rather than carry on a conversation with someone nearby.   We don’t even slow down enough to spell out our messages. “LOL’” and ‘OMG’ allow us to speed write to someone super quick so we can move on to speed writing to someone else or check to see if someone has speeded a message to us. LOL

A while back I was in a vet’s waiting room with my little dog when a father came in with his two young sons. As he came through the door he was ‘thumbing’ a message on a hand-held device. Still typing, he came over and sat down, continuing to write and alternately check for incoming messages. His two small sons tried very hard to get his attention but he completely ignored them. In the fifteen or twenty minutes we all sat there waiting, he did not once interact with his sons. His thumbs were frantically sending out messages to people not present.   I could see how much the boys would have loved it if he would just ‘sit a spell’ with them, if only to reassure them about their puppy.

So, maybe ‘sitting a spell’ is outmoded and outdated but I think there is some wisdom to the idea that we should slow down sometimes and notice what’s right there instead of what’s on the device. Those old adages have a grain of truth in them.

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Ellie Pulikonda, Writer/Author

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