Time For Another Words on Words Right?

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Write, right?

Sometimes I don’t wish to write and stubbornly ignore the pushy muse who keeps nagging at my brain with thoughts and ideas clamoring for expression. Still other times, I pause to scribble these thoughts in a journal, just to sweep them from my mind.

So, I have many, many journals, packed with random thoughts, aborted ideas, poetry (some deep and sensuous, some clearly forgettable), soul-searching, and on and on.

Now, as I’ve been packing to make my big move, I have discovered just how many of these journals there are, most of them started and never completely filled, having only a few thoughtful insights along with some everyday drivel. But occasionally, as I have paused in my packing to read my younger self’s musings and wonderings, I have found entries that amaze me now. I had no idea I thought about, questioned, and groped for so many insights and questioned so many givens.


Oh, sure, the big questions that have always troubled me most are easily remembered, but some insights were forgotten as soon as they were written down and these are what fill most of the pages (except for the ones that are still blank.) I wonder if anyone else is as cavalier about journaling as I have been or if I set a new standard for being inept at self-discovery.

So! Memo to self: After the move, check out all these journals and get better acquainted with who you were and maybe still are. Maybe I’ll find that the distraction of living swept me away from insights and queries that are no longer relevant to my ‘today’ self. But maybe I’ll find that the words of wisdom from my ‘former’ self still have something to tell my ‘today’ self.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll begin to write from a whole new perspective.

Can anyone relate to this?

Write on!
Ellie Pulikonda, Author & Writer

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