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All The Words In The World .  .  .  .


What a fortunate time to be a word-aholic. We have a pantheon of old words, a plethora of recent words and a potential of new words coined seemingly every second.

Pity the poor Neanderthal. Their vocabulary apparently consisted of “ugh”, “unh” and “aagh” or variations on those themes. I suspect intonation had to make the difference in knowing what each kind of grunt meant.

Sometimes I think new expressions are trending back to those pre-historic times with “words” like LOL (which I only recently discovered does not mean “Lots of Love) and other shortcuts made possible and necessary by new modes of communication. But I digress so I’ll leave that expounding to a future blog.

For a writer, there are incredible opportunities. Just hanging around vocabularies and learning these spiffy new words is pure nirvana. And you can slip one or two of those words into any communication (novel, letter, email, blog) and no one gets upset that they don’t know what it means. The context gives you enough information that you can either guess the meaning or get the gist of the missile without even needing to know what that particular word means. And, of course, you could always Google it if it really bugs you, then add it to your vocabulary and amaze or alarm your friends by casually tossing it into a conversation.

But wouldn’t it be a hoot to time travel back to the Middle Paleolithic age and fling a few of our incredible words at those poor benighted souls. We would likely be regarded as gods and we’d be able to teach them real words. Or we might be regarded as a change of diet, in which case they’d possibly sit around their campfire, picking their teeth, and commenting, “Mighty tasty she was.”


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