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Words on Words

Every now and then you run across a brand new word that is just so apt, you wonder why you’ve never heard of it before. Just recently I found a new word that made me stop and pay attention.

The word is “bibliogony” and it refers to the art of producing or publishing books. So, as a new author, I’m thinking about how I can use this new word to impress my new friends and old colleagues. Picture it: at a cocktail party you are approached by someone you don’t know who asks you the premier get-acquainted question:  “And what do you do?” The oh-so-impressive answer is “I’m in bibliogony!”
At this point I suspect the other person would murmur something like ‘interesting’ and immediately take himself off to start a conversation with someone he understood.   So the spiffy new word seemed to lose some of its spiffiness.



However, I couldn’t just drop it. I had found it after a particularly dry spell of trying to write and coming up with nothing. So I played with the new word for a while and it morphed into another new word: bibliagony. My definition for this was the agony of trying to write when all the good words have been used and there are no fresh ones to make your writing sound impressive.

Writing was such fun until bibliagony set in.  So my goal now is to find a cure for it.  If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on.  I’m in great need of spiffy new words.

What Is Bibliogony?
noun: The art of producing and publishing books.
“Simple Enough”


Author, Ellie Pulikonda
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