Words On Words . . .

Hello Writers, Readers and Authors,

Words on Words

Language is made up of words and is like a kaleidoscope: ever-changing, ever morphing into something new. We coin words  to  describe new phenomena, new objects, new experiences, new ideas—the list itself is nearly endless. And we do this exponentially. There is seemingly no end to our coming up with new words, even though the old words have served us well and  linger on in our conversations and scribblings.

It appears that words themselves breed new words, always producing more offspring than we can possibly take in, let alone use in a lifetime.

Take ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’  Isn’t that the spiffiest made up word of all. Of course, all words are made up words but generally they are made up to fit a new object or event or thought. This one was made up and afterward given a meaning. Too bad it hasn’t caught on for everyday usage. Maybe it’s just a tad too long or too hard to spell (not even sure I spelled it right) for everyday use.


But even if some of the new words are too long or too difficult to spell to be everyday words, we still have piles of words, like autumn leaves, that are just lying around in our world, waiting for someone to call them into service. I’d like to run and jump into them, to scatter them all about, to throw them up and see how they come down.

We haven’t begun to deplete the piles and piles of words we have available to us and new words are being coined daily.  So many words, so little time. How can we possibly keep up? Obviously, we don’t have to keep up and maybe aren’t even supposed to try.  Each generation seems  to coin its own words to create a language of its own.  But there’s something neat about accessing different  ‘languages‘ and being able to stay up on new words.  And throw them into a conversation now an again. Or put them in a novel.

Write on!



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