WORDS on WORDS . . . New Book Sneak Peek!

Ok, this blog thing is all new to me. My first milestone here on my WordPress blog is that I have accomplished 5 new blog posts so far. HHHHHMMMMMM, so how do I make this post a little more exciting? How about a sneak peek of my new second book I just put the finishing touch’s on?


Because I am really stoked!  Okay, okay, that’s a word old folks like me seldom use, but it is so apt for where I am right now.

And where I am (drumroll, please) is I just finished writing my second novel, Finding Faith. (Here we pause momentarily for loud acclaim and perhaps a few sky-rockets.)

Editing, cover design, and choosing a publisher are yet to come but it just feels great to write “The End” on the manuscript. The title? Finding Faith. Here is a wee sneak peek of my new book!
Finding Faith is about three women whose lives have been shattered by totally unexpected events. They are brought together by unlikely circumstances but their new-found relationship is fragile, threatened by missteps and misunderstandings.  Help comes from unusual and unexpected sources as the women struggle toward a new definition of ‘family.’

So what now?  Well, I’ve already started the next book and have rough outlines for at least two more, with ideas pounding at my consciousness, saying “Pick me, pick me.”  Who ever knew you could have so much fun with words.

I wish you all a safe, happy and fun Memorial Weekend. And I thank all Armed Forces who have fought for all of us to keep our freedoms this holiday weekend!

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