AH, Words, Words, Words . . . And Books!


Ah, words!  I love words!  They make it possible to understand each other … sometimes. 

Before words, we imagine that folks communicated in much more primitive ways: grunts, flailing arms, slaps on the back, happy dances. Some men I know still use these methods. If you don’t think men do happy dances, you haven’t been nearby one when his team wins  “the big game.”
Words have opened up an enormous opportunity for us to communicate emotions, problems, desires, concerns, warnings, love, anger, . . . the list goes on. Many women I know use every one of these.
Most importantly, words give us a way to tell our own stories. That’s why I like being around words. Learning new ones, writing word groups that make phrases, that make sentences, that make paragraphs, that make chapters, that make….books!



Ah, books! From my earliest memories, books have enlightened me, entertained me, brought me new worlds, consoled me, and engrossed me. When I was a child, I clearly remember my mother taking my new favorite book out of my hands and shooing me outside to get some fresh air and exercise. I always thought that was extreme child abuse, but she was bigger than I was and there were no agencies way back then to tell her she couldn’t to that.

So, as long as I don’t run out of words (and it seems unlikely that it will ever happen) I’ll keep on enjoying them and stringing them together into books.
Happy reading friends!
Author, Ellie Pulikonda


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