Books Are Not Dead! (Yet!)

Hello Friends, Readers, and Welcome All,

I’ve heard a lot about the idea that books, especially novels, are passé, that people don’t read books anymore because new technology has made them, at best, old-fashioned, and at worst, a waste of time. I beg to differ.

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It’s true that our definition of ‘book’ is undergoing amazing change right now, morphing from paper and ink to electronic words projected from an e-book. But books they still are, following the age-old format of pages and chapters.  And they are still wildly popular.

For many dedicated readers, the physicality of a “hard” edition defines “book.”
If that’s our definition, than it seems evident that they are doomed. But “book” has undergone enormous changes since the earliest man chipped pictographs into the walls of his cave to tell a story to his kin. Caves are not very portable, you see.

So, enter clay tablets, than papyrus, than animal skin scrolls, . . . well, you see the progression.As the progression continued, from Gutenberg, to hand setting trays, to lightening fast presses, to e-books, the idea behind books hasn’t shifted much; everyone wants to tell their story. And the really great story-teller will always find an audience. At some point, books may be downloaded into a microchip embedded in your brain. They will still be books.It seems even our newspapers have gone digital. And now with the invention of the internet, we seem to even watch, our evening news on our computer, laptops, and even our cell phones!

So I ask the experts, YOU  the readers. As a reader do you feel the same as I?

Do you have a different slant on this?
I’d love to learn about it from you, THE READERS .  .  .
Happy Reading Friends!
Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer

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